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45 Range Sprayshop Interior Filler
Range of single part woodfillers for interior use on all wooden substrates. Quick drying and ide..
Ex Tax: £4.65
46 Range Sprayshop 2 Pack Filler
Range of two part woodfillers for interior and exterior use on all wooden substrates. Usefu..
Ex Tax: £14.53
A waterborne sealer used to reduce moisture absorption and close the porosity of timber end grain. T..
Ex Tax: £17.58
Fastgrab 5 Minute PU Adhesive
Polyurethane Adhesive was not a well known type of adhesive a few years ago, but now most builders a..
Ex Tax: £10.72
Ex Tax: £27.01
Loctite Superglue 5g
Instant adhesive suitable for use on china, wood, metal, rubber, leather, card and most plastics. Av..
Ex Tax: £3.13
Morrells Bonding Adhesive F103
Water based low odour adhesive, PROBOND F103 is a one-part D3 interior and exterior, fast set, h..
Ex Tax: £4.89
Sprayshop 30 min Liquid PU Adhesive
  One component, solvent free, quick setting, moisture curing adhesive Sprayshop F3..
Ex Tax: £9.16
​   Conventional solvent based contact adhesive for laminates and veneers. ..
Ex Tax: £33.56
Superfast PVA Adhesive
At 'Wudcare' innovation is a by word and our 5 minute PVA woodworking adhesive lives up to this repu..
Ex Tax: £4.96
Timbafill 2 pack Filler 770ml
Fast drying two part woodfiller for interior and exterior use. Sets hard in 30 minutes and can then ..
Ex Tax: £16.97
Timbafill Craftsman 500ml
Fast drying two part woodfiller in light or dark for interior or exterior use. Once dry it is ea..
Ex Tax: £7.13
Timbafill Speedset Hardener 50g
Extra tubes of catalyst for use with all two part woodfillers. Available in 50g tubes. ..
Ex Tax: £3.00
Timbamate C/man Light 250ml
Single part woodfiller in light or dark, for interior use to repair nail holes and cracks. Quick dry..
Ex Tax: £5.49
Timbamate Wood Stopper 250ml
Single part range of woodfillers for repairing nail holes and cracks in all types of wood. Quick dry..
Ex Tax: £5.49
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