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Lightfast Thinners (0170/000)
A methanol based thinner used to thin Light Fast stain. ..
Ex Tax: £32.49
Mineralised Methylated Spirits is a virgin alcohol prepared for industrial use. Suitable for u..
Ex Tax: £16.02
Panel Wipe XXX140
Panel Wipe is suitable for removing dirt, grease and other contaminants including Wax, Dirt, Tar, In..
Ex Tax: £12.05
PU Thinners 6007/000
A butyl acetate solvent used for thinning all polyurethane products without interfering wi..
Ex Tax: £16.16
Pure Turpentine
Pure gum turpentine is distilled from the resin of various trees mainly pines. - traditional thinne..
Ex Tax: £3.81
Quality blend of alcohol solvents 95% purity.  - ideal for cleaning surfaces and th..
Ex Tax: £5.36
Turpentine Substitute
Turpentine Substitute is a hydrocarbon solvent suitable for general cleaning purposes and brush clea..
Ex Tax: £1.78
White Spirit
White Spirit is a highly refined solvent meeting the requirements of BS245.  Suitable for ..
Ex Tax: £3.40
Acetone X001
Clear solvent. ideal for cleaning tools, equipment and other surfaces highly flammable and harmf..
Ex Tax: £16.65
Guncleaner XXX150
A quality blend of recycled thinners and solvents designed for cleaning spray equipment and dried pa..
Ex Tax: £7.16
Standard Thinners (2007/000)
A blend of esters, hydrocarbons and alcohols designed for optimum viscosity reduction of Nitrocellul..
Ex Tax: £14.09
Anti Bloom Thinners (2007/200)
A blend of mild solvents designed to overcome the effects of chilling when lacquers are applied in c..
Ex Tax: £20.97
Cellulose Pullover (2007/300)
A medium solvency blend formulated for the ‘pulling over’ of nitrocellulose and some precatalyst fin..
Ex Tax: £29.14
Hydrocarbon Free Thinners (2007/900)
A special thinner for the 9901/289 Range avoiding the use of aromatic hydrocarbons. Can also be used..
Ex Tax: £28.51
Classique Thinners (130/070)
A blend of solvents designed for use with 134 and 135 range of classique stains. ..
Ex Tax: £30.91
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